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Honeywell / HHP / PSC Quick Check PC600 barcode verifier

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This Windows®-based software package turns your laptop or PC into a tool for quick and easy ISO/IEC and traditional test parameters analysis.

Flexible, Easy Setup and Operation — Compatible with Microsoft Windows® 98, Windows® XP, Windows® 2000, or Windows NT.®

Interchangeable Optical Input Devices — Choice of mouse wand or pen wand.

Simple Results Storage — Save scan results as data files and/or ASCII text files.

Honeywell / HHP / PSC Quick Check PC600 barcode verifier
Brand: HHP
Mfr Part # QCPC600M06VRA
QCPC600 kit - 6 mil / Visible Red / Mouse wand / AC charger (UK) kit includes verifier, mouse, QCDB09F, plastic ruler gauge, metal ruler, reference symbols, reflectance page, & user´s guide
Now £675.00 excl VAT
(£810.00 inc VAT)