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Hire of hand held cabled scanner for PC or laptop

hire of hand held cabled scanner for pc or laptop.htm

Ideal for laptop of PC use.

Plug in to USB and record; visitors, attendants, deligates, trainees, customers, products of interest, orders, etc.

Althought the reader needs no software to 'type' any barcode numbers in to 'your' laptop (or 'your' PC) - some people want software to manage the numbers as they are scanned in (e.g. allow entry of associated information next to the person's number - so you know what they were interested in for example, or to record an order, etc.)

Brand: Panex
Mfr Part # HAND-HIRE
Hire of laptop (or PC) plugable barcode reader
Now £79.00 excl VAT
(£94.80 inc VAT)
RRP 198.00 excl VAT

Accessories. Please call for advice.

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