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Datalogic DLC6165/90-M enhanced CCD readers with "puzzle solver" technology

Please call for details. Advice and specifications are available.
Mfr Part # 90ACC1030
ADP-102 5-pin din power stealer
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Accessories. Please call for advice.

With many accessories, call and we make sure all are correct for your configuration.


901401000 DLC6165-M0 enhanced CCD reader without trigger (65mm reading window)
901401010 DLC6165-M1 enhanced CCD reader with trigger (65mm reading window)
901451000 DLC6190-M0 enhanced CCD reader without trigger (90mm reading window)
901451010 DLC6190-M1 enhanced CCD reader with trigger (90mm reading window)
K4LA00012PG5E 220V power supply unit
90A051470 CAB-373 WYSE VDT 60/120/160/185/370 wedge 4-pin Telephone connector straight cable
90A051490 CAB-375 DEC VDT VT200/220/240/300/340/420 wedge 4-pin Telephone connector straight cable
90A051210 CAB-348 WAND emulation 9-pin male connector, coiled cable
90A051330 CAB-362 RS232 standard 9-pin, female connector, coiled cable
90A051340 CAB-363 RS232 standard 25-pin, female connector, coiled cable
90A051350 CAB-364 standard DL RS232 25-pin male connector, coiled cable
90A051360 CAB-365 standard IBM PS/2 standard minidin wedge coiled cable
90A051370 CAB-366 standard IBM AT/XT din wedge coiled cable
90A051230CAB-350 RS232 cable, 9-pin female connector, power on pin 9
90H001000SPC-6065 plastic holder
90ACC1370SPC65-90 desk holder DLC6065/90
90ACC1710HHD software manual release 4.0
90A051480 CAB-374 APPLE VDT (ADB-bus) wedge minidin connector straight cable
90G001000CAB-320 RS232 cable, 25-pin male connector (DTE configuration)
90G001010CAB-321 IBM PS/2 minidin wedge cable
90A051140CAB321 SH1738, IBM SUREONE version, straight, interfacing cable for DLD1000; DLC6065/90-M
90G001020CAB-322 IBM AT/XT din wedge cable
90G001030CAB 323 pen emulation, 9-pin male connector cable
90G001040CAB-324 standard IBM VDT 31xx, 32xx, 37xx, wedge cable
90G001050CAB-325 standard IBM VDT 3151, 34xx, wedge cable
90G001060CAB-326 standard IBM VDT 3153, wedge cable
90G001070CAB-327 RS232 cable, 9-pin female connector
90G001080CAB-328 RS232 cable, 25-pin female connector cable (DCE configuration)
90ACC1030ADP-102 5-pin din power stealer
90ACC1040ADP-103 6-pin minidin power stealer