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Motorola DS4800 / DS4801 stylish barcode reader 2D / 1D

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The DS4800 Series complements the most sophisticated, fashion-conscious decor.

Capture every barcode presented - 1D, 2D, printed on labels, displayed on a mobile phone screen, high density, poorly printed, damaged and under shrinkwrap. Enhancing decode performance and snappiness, dramatically improving the user experience

Choose any combination of visual, audio or physical decode feedback to meet the needs of your environment. A tap, press or swipe of the capacitive touch trigger offers an individualized triggering experience for cashiers.

Unique proprietary illumination system clearly defines the scanning field and offers a small, sharp aiming dot that is visible over the entire working range, making it easy to capture any barcode the first time - even on pick lists.

Motorola DS4800 / DS4801 stylish barcode reader 2D / 1D
Motorola DS4801 imager standard range corded USB midnight black
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